Gettin’ Dirty at Dirty Dash

Allyse and I did this race September 2018 and it has just taken an extremely long time for me to right this post. This was the second time that I’ve done this race. I did it the year prior, but this year, I convinced Allyse and some of our friends to do it with us.

Dirty Dash is set up on the Olympic cross-country skiing course up in Solider Hollow. There is a 5k loop and a 10k loop that you can do. Everyone starts at the same start line and does the 5k loop, but at the top of the hill, you can head down a slide to the finish or you can continue on to the 10k loop. Each year, they keep relatively the same obstacles and placements of the obstacles.

You start the race running up a fairly muddy hill (lots of slipping and falling) and off to the first obstacle. They have walls you have to climb, troughs you have to wade through, slides, giant pipes you crawl through, floating mat you run across, and many other different types of obstacles. You sign up for a specific wave to start running, but you can run in any wave. Most people run the first hill and then walk the rest of the way, so be prepared to fight through crowds if you’re running. Also, there is almost always a line at each of the obstacles on the 5k loop because everyone is wanting to take their time to get dirty. Some people try to stay as clean as possible and others ran through to get as dirty as possible, but I guaranteeĀ  you will be covered in mud by the end of the course. I splashed and soaked a lot of people that were trying to stay clean on “accident”. It was a ton of fun to get super dirty.

At the end of the race, you get a medal, some snacks and pictures. The pictures you can grab off their website afterward just look for your bib number. They do have public showers set up which amounts to 20 hoses hanging down from a frame that you can spray yourself down with. The water is quite chilly especially if wind is blowing through, but they do have hot showers if you’re willing to pay extra. I would suggest having several old towels in the car to dry off with and a waterproof case for your phone to make save it from all the water, dirt and grime of the course. You will also need like $10 for parking.

Have fun racing and getting dirty.

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