Explosion of Color

Each year the Sri Sri Radha Krishna temple explodes with color as they host the color festival in March. India and many Indian people celebrate the Holi Festival, which is a festival of love and expressing it for those around you. Holi is deeply revered and loved by the people of India and is thus shared with other cultures around the world bring many people and cultures together in love and understanding.

Sri Sri Radha Krishna temple is a large Hindhu temple located in Spanish Fork, UT and hosts the Holi festival each year. You have to pay entry and buy the bags of colored powder. They also have food trucks there as well as booths for local artist and businesses. I would suggest wearing as much white clothing as possible because the colors show up the best.

Allyse and I went with our friends, Zach and Kenzie, to the color festival. We split 10 bags in between the 4 of us with a variety of colors. We spent about 2 to 3 hours walking around and throwing the colored powder on each other and other people. At the bottom of every hour, they have everyone throw up a handful of color creating a beautifully brilliant flash of rainbow colored powder suddenly appear everyone. You can climb the stairs to the balcony of the temple and from the balcony, it’s a gorgeous display of color.

I suggest taking sunglasses to block your eyes, something to cover your mouth, and a camera to capture the picturesque scenes of color.

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