Cotopaxi Questival – Salt Lake

I am finally posting this long after we actually did Questival with Cotopaxi in Salt Lake City. Anyways, Cotopaxi is a small Salt Lake based company that sells outdoor gear and apparel, but they also put on a 24-hour adventure race. The race resembles a scavenger hunt where you accomplish activities instead of find objects. The activities are given different point values based on time requirements and difficulty. When you sign up, you get for the admission price the list of activities, one of their 16-L luzon del dia backpacks and some free stuff at the event launch from sponsors. Usually, you sign up with friends and being on a team of 3-6 members, but I was the only one that signed up. I did the first section with my friend and then the rest of the race I did with Allyse.

We started 24-hours before the event actually began when they unveiled the activities to us. We threw the list up on the TV and planned how we could accomplish as many of the activities as possible. They were fairly scattered across Salt Lake, Provo, and the rest of Utah. Some of the further activities included running down to Arches and Zion National Park or finding ghost towns in Southern Utah.

Allyse didn’t get off early enough to go to the opening ceremonies with us, so my friend, Zach, went up and we saw all of the sponsors and booths that they had setup. They had llamas there, since their mascot is a llama. We were also able to grab our team flag that had to be in all of our submissions for points (it keeps people from working on the activities before the start).

Zach and I hit a couple of the historical landmarks in Salt Lake City for a couple of quick points before driving home. By the time we drove home, Allyse was home and ready to work with us. We started with hiking the Y and taking pictures at the top. I dressed in my dinosaur costume and freaked some kids out when the saw a dinosaur running around at Y. I then swam a half mile and played chubby bunny with marshmallows. We did another couple of little ones before going to bed at 2:30am.

Zach and I got up at 6:30am and hiked Stuart falls super early in the morning. We hit Saratoga Hot Springs and a couple parks along the way. We went climbing and rappelling up in Rock Canyon. We finished off by going to Even Steven’s Sandwiches before heading up to Salt Lake again.

The final ceremonies where you get your finisher’s medal were at the Capitol Building, but Allyse and I went to where they held the opening ceremonies. We didn’t end up getting our medal. We just walked around Temple Square before heading home and going to sleep early.

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